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The Do’s And Don’ts After A Workplace Injury

The steps you take after sustaining an on-the-job injury or illness are crucial in determining whether or not you will receive workers’ compensation benefits.

The Do’s and Don’ts listed below are guidelines that will protect your rights and build a winning claim.


  • Seek immediate medical attention following your accident (with your primary doctor if you have one)
    • be very thorough when describing your pain and symptoms to your physician
      Elmwood workers compensation claims lawyer and state that your injury or illness is work-related
    • stick to the treatment plan your doctor recommends
  • Identify witnesses of the accident and gather their names and contact info
  • Report the injury to your supervisor verbally and in writing within 30 days of your accident — the sooner the better!
  • Get a copy of the accident report filled out by your employer
  • Contact the Wanko Law Firm!
  • Obtain information about your employer’s workers’ comp insurer
  • File a workers’ compensation claim
  • Gather and keep all relevant documentation including
    • diary of your daily symptoms
    • medical bills
    • mileage reports to and from doctor’s visits
    • test results
    • statements you’ve made to your employer and/or the insurance company
    • statements from witnesses
    • wage records or pay stubs from the last full four weeks prior to accident
    • correspondence from insurance company regarding how they calculated your workers’ compensation rate and average weekly wage


  • Be talked into not reporting the accident
  • Assume that the employer or insurance company are looking out for your best interests
  • Give the insurance company a recorded statement without talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer
  • Sign any medical release forms that would allow the insurance company to have access to your personal health records
  • Accept a settlement offer from the insurance company without talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer
  • Discuss your case with anyone except for trusted family, your attorney and doctor
  • Change doctors without consulting an attorney
  • Post anything on social media related to your work-related injury or illness
  • Return to work until your doctor says it’s ok to do so and your workers’ compensation lawyer approves of your medical status

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