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Louisiana Workers Comp Claims Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Posted on : November 5, 2016

Workers injured on the job often have many questions about what will happen next. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at our firm:


Question: What is the Statute of Limitations for a Louisiana Workers’ Comp Claim?


Reply: The time limit may be between one and three years, depending upon whether you’ve obtained the kind of benefits you should be receiving.


Question: How Much Will I Get in Workers’ Comp Benefits?


Reply: How much you obtain in workers’ compensation benefits is determined by how much you earned prior to your work injury and the amount of your medical bills.


Question: Can I Change to an Alternative Doctor or Go to Another Physician?


Reply: You can generally see a physician of your own choice in any medical facility who can help treat your work injury or sickness. However, be aware that your employer may request that you see a company-approved physician.


Question: Will I Be Required to Take a Drug Test?


Reply: Your company is generally permitted to require an alcohol and drug evaluation immediately after an injury. Your company may also require you to take an alcohol and drug evaluation before they let you return to work.


Question: What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?


Reply: If your physician and the physician chosen by the insurance company differ about your medical condition, what medical care you need, or whether you’re capable to return to work, a Workers’ Compensation Judge or the Louisiana Department of Labor may mandate that a third physician examine you. That evaluation is an “Independent Medical Examination.”


Question: Can My Job Fire Me?


Reply: Generally no. An employer cannot fire you for suffering an injury at work. However, there are some instances where a termination would be legal. It is advisable that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to learn more.

Question: What Does It Cost to Hire a Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?


Reply: The fee is generally 20% of all benefits we help you recover, and generally no fee is due from the monthly or weekly benefits when you are under medical treatment.


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