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Louisiana Workers Might Be At Risk Of Injuries In These Jobs

Posted on : July 12, 2018

Do you know whether or not your industry has a higher than average chance of serious injuries? Most people recognize the basic dangers in their job but don’t realize just how many injuries are present every single day. The government keeps track of the kinds of injuries and most common industries for which these are logged and shares this information in yearly reports.

Not surprisingly, some of the most dangerous jobs top the list year after year because of the risk of a disabling or even fatal injury for workers. If you’ve already been hurt and told your employer about the accident, the next step is filing a workers’ comp claim.

While everyone faces the risk of being hurt on the job, certain employees across Louisiana have a higher chance of being critically hurt or even killed on the job because of the dangerous nature of their occupation. Every year, the Bureau of Labor statistics gathers detail about the number of orders compensation claims and fatalities that occur in particular occupations. Many of the most deadly jobs top this list year after year.

Although workplace fatalities can happen anywhere, some of the most dangerous occupations for which employees in Louisiana might be in danger of getting hurt include loggers, aircraft pilots, fishermen, flight engineers, trash collectors, and roofers. Some of the biggest risks associated with logging cannot be easily prevented since workers in that industry could be hurt due to rough terrain or falling branches.

Getting treatment after an injury can be especially difficult for someone in the logging industry because of the challenges in getting appropriate medical treatment in time. A logger working in a rural location might not have access to the necessary medical professionals to assist with getting medical attention sooner rather than later. A person who is hurt on the job in Louisiana is likely eligible for Louisiana workers’ compensation, filing a timely claim is critical.