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Continuing Workers’ Comp In Louisiana After Obtaining A New Job

Posted on : November 23, 2021

Can I Work at a New Job While Getting Workers’ Comp In Louisiana?

Most people just want to get back to earning an income after being hurt at work in Louisiana. But what happens if part of moving forward is finding a new career? Is it possible to change professions while still receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Louisiana? 

In some cases, you may be able to keep your benefits, and in other cases, taking a new employment opportunity may result in losing your workers’ compensation benefits. Here are some possible circumstances that may impact your ability to find new employment while maintaining your workers’ comp in Louisiana.

You may be able to switch jobs while receiving workers’ compensation benefits if you: 

Only Receive Medical Benefits 

If you are able to keep working but still have to go to a health care professional to recuperate, you may be able to change employment and retain your medical coverage until you’ve made a full recovery.

You might be able to continue working under a “light duty” classification that your physician has advised. You must accept the position if your physician and employer decide on light duty employment for you, or you may potentially lose your workers’ compensation benefits In Louisiana. 

If your physician believes you can do light duty jobs but your present company doesn’t have any, workers’ compensation may send you to vocational rehab in the hopes of finding you alternative employment that fulfills light-duty standards.

Need to Change to a Lower Paying Job 

In Louisiana, if you’re able to go back to work but can’t earn as much money as you did previously due to your occupational injuries, you may be eligible for Supplemental Earnings Benefits (SEB). 

Because your condition prevents you from continuing to work a job with equal compensation as your previous one, SEB pays you 66% of the difference between your previous and current earnings. It’s possible to change jobs while still getting SEB benefits, but if your new employer pays more than the old one, you will no longer be eligible for SEB. 

When Should You Contact a Louisiana Workers’ Comp Attorney?

If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Louisiana and have been told you need to go back to work or have received a new job offer, it’s important to consult with a Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney before making any decisions. 

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