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How Are Medical Benefits Paid in Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Cases? (needs a rewrite)

Posted on : July 10, 2019

Getting medical attention for injuries is one of the most important things that an injured worker can do after an accident. The same goes for someone who developed a job due to exposure in their job. It can be a big mistake to avoid getting medical treatment because of concerns over paying those bills.

What Benefits Do Employees Get In Louisiana?

An employee is eligible to select one physician of his or her choice in each specialty field of treatment for a job-related injury. At that point, the workers’ compensation insurance company or the worker’s employer are required to pay the necessary expenses for medical treatment and those that are necessarily or reasonably incurred because of the travel to get that treatment.

Medical benefits that are paid under the Louisiana workers’ compensation act must be paid within 30 days after the insurance company or the employer gets written notice about the injury or within 60 days if the medical services provider is not using the electronic billing rules and regulations.

What Might Not Be Covered?

Any non-emergency medical services that are beyond $750 or non-emergency hospitalization has to be pre-approved by the workers’ compensation insurance company or the employer.

One of the most common challenges that arise in the payment of medical benefits is when an independent medical examination is required or when doctors have differing opinions about the patient’s diagnosis. If there are opposing medical opinions about a person’s ability to return to work or their capacity to work in their former position, the Louisiana Office of Workers’ Compensation and Administration will appoint an independent medical examiner, also known as an IME, to look at the claimant’s case or review the medical records involved.

Get Help

This cost is paid by the carrier or the self-insured employer. If challenges emerge in relation to a Louisiana Workers’ Compensation claim, the worker must do everything in his or her power to protect their interests to file that claim and to recover that compensation. Hiring a Louisiana workers’ comp lawyer might be the only way to protect full and fair benefits.