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Construction Workers and Transport Employees Face High Risk of Traumatic Spinal Injuries

Posted on : October 6, 2018

If you already work in the construction field, you know you are at risk of suffering severe injuries because of the dangerous nature of your job. But it turns out that the risk of some of the most serious types of injuries may be facing you, making it impossible for you to go back to work.

Traumatic spinal injuries can be one of the most devastating kinds of medical conditions developed after a workplace accident, and a new study indicates that people working in the construction and transport industries may face the highest risk of developing these long term, expensive and painful conditions. A high risk of a traumatic spinal injury being connected to your job could make it more likely for you to file a workers’ compensation claim. The study that published these results was shared in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and explored cases in Australia, in which more than 824 people had workplace related traumatic spinal injuries.

The data identified that nearly 90% of the injured workers sustaining a spinal cord injury were male and spent an average of 16 days in the hospital. The study’s authors believe that prevention is the most effective way to address these concerns. According to other research, the construction industry is often named as one of the most deadly industries for people to work in around the world. Nearly all of severe spinal injuries in the construction industry were connected to falls. Many of these falls included falling from a higher location such as scaffolding, ladders or building structures.

A high burden of workplace-related spinal injury trauma is still occurring across the construction industry despite the fact that there are numerous safety measures in place. If you have already sustained a critical traumatic spinal injury on the job as a construction worker or a transport worker, you need to consider filing a lawsuit with the help of a Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer.