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Are Louisiana’s Workers’ Comp Laws Fair To Injured Workers?

Posted on : May 31, 2019

Workers’ Comp In Louisiana: What You Need To Know

After having suffered an injury at work, you may be at a crossroads as to whether or not you want to pursue filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. You may be under the impression that the claim process will be difficult and that after having put the time in, you may be denied compensation and lose your employment.  Having more questions than answers, it may be best to speak to a Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Claims attorney who has the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and provide you with guidance.

Statute’s Of Limitations For Injured Workers’ In Louisiana

Louisiana is considered to be one of the most amenable states for injured workers. That is not an indication that it is an easy process however, the statutes’ provide ample time for notifications and filings. There is a 30-day timeline in which you must notify your employer of your injuries. In addition, Louisiana provides a statute of limitations of 1 to 3 years from the date of said injury in which you must file your claim.

Coverages For Workers’ Comp In Louisiana

All across our 50 states there are Workers’ Compensation limits also referred to as “caps”, and unlike these states, there are no caps on the amount of benefits that you can receive in the state of Lousiana. The benefits that you are allotted are simply dependant on what your level of disability is. Whether your coverage includes time off from work as a result of your work injury, or expenses for your medical care, these figures will vary and are directly related to the impact that your work injury has on your ability to perform your job as expected.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Injuries Covered

Another important element to make a note of is that both physical injuries and mental injuries are covered in Lousiana. Whether you sustained a physical injury while on the job, were diagnosed with a disease in connection to a work-related illness, or experienced severe emotional trauma and serious employment-related mental stress, you may be covered under Louisiana Workers’ Compensation laws.

Help With Your Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Claim

In all, Louisiana may be fairly reasonable when it comes to Workers’ Compensation Claims however, the process can be confusing and feel overwhelming and complicated. What gets filed and when? What happens after you file? These questions and more. With the help of an experienced Workers’ Comp lawyer, your journey through the compensation claims process is easier to manage and provides a level of peace of mind knowing that you are getting the help that you need. Contact Wanko Workers’ Comp Lawyers today for immediate assistance.