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5 Things You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation

Posted on : March 11, 2020
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Workers’ Compensation In Louisiana

No one expects to be hurt at work, and when an accident occurs, it can leave a person with many burdens. It’s normal to be frightened and even frustrated at the workers’ compensation process; however, you can prepare yourself by learning more about what to expect in the event that you are injured on the job.

1. You Need to Report the Accident Right Away

The most important thing you can do when you are injured at work is to report the accident to your employer as soon as possible. You may need to fill out a formal accident report form. Make sure you include all pertinent information about the accident, and that everything you include is correct and true, to the best of your knowledge.

2. You’ll Need to See An Employer Approved Doctor

Your employer has the right to send you to a doctor of their choosing. Generally speaking, workers’ compensation doctors are as skilled and experienced as a non-approved doctor, and the only difference is that the doctor of your employer’s choosing has an established working relationship with your company. In rare cases, you may be required to see a specialist that your employer has not yet approved.

3. Your Employer May Try to Blame You For the Accident

Workers’ compensation insurance costs employers money. Therefore, many employers attempt to blame the employee for the accident or will try to find ways to have the workers’ comp claim denied.

Your employer may suggest that you are at fault for the incident in order to try to shift the blame to you, which will make you responsible for your own medical care. If this happens, you need to consult with a skilled New Orleans workers’ comp attorney.

4. You Could Have Your Claim Denied

In some cases, your workers’ compensation claim could be denied. This may happen if your medical records don’t match up with the accident form you filled out, or if you test positive for drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. If your claim is denied, you can still appeal the decision with the help of an experienced lawyer.

5. You May Need a New Orleans Workers’ Comp Attorney

Although it is possible to file for and receive workers’ compensation benefits without the assistance of an attorney, going through the process alone may not be in your best interest. By working with a skilled attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases in Louisiana, you can increase your chances that your claim will be approved.

Compassionate Legal Support

At the Wanko Workers’ Comp we understand how difficult being injured at work can be. We are committed to providing our clients and their families with high-quality legal support, and we will work hard to use proven strategies that will increase the possibility that your case will be resolved in your favor.

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