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Your Employers' Responsibility to Prevent Work Injuries

Posted on : March 13, 2016
Louisiana Work Injury Lawyer

Employers have a responsibility to prevent work injuries whenever possible by maintaining a hazard-free work place. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) places guidelines that employers must follow in order to prevent and report worker injuries. Here’s what you need to know about your employers’ responsibilities regarding the prevention of on-the-job injuries.


OSHA Guidelines


OSHA guidelines exist to help employers understand what actions they need to take to keep a workplace as hazard-free as possible, as well as what to do when a worker is injured. Below are some examples of OSHA guidelines that employers are required to follow:


— Routinely evaluate workplace conditions to ensure they meet OSHA guidelines for the industry in which the employer works

— Ensure that employees have reasonable access to safety equipment needed by the industry in which the employer works and ensure that this equipment is available and properly maintained

— Establish a training protocol that educates employees about potential hazards in the workplace and how those hazards can be avoided

— Properly warn employees of potential hazards through the use of signage or labeling

— Keep diligent records of all work-related illnesses and injuries reported by employees

— Notify OSHA within 8 hours of any fatality that occurs in the workplace, or within 24 hours for inpatient hospitalizations resulting from a workplace injury, the loss of an eye, or amputations

— Observe an employee’s right to report non-compliance with OSHA standards without discrimination under the Whistleblower Act

What to Do If You Were Injured On the Job & Your Employer Wasn’t Following OSHA Regulations


If you were hurt on the job and your employer was not adhering to OSHA guidelines, you may have more than just a workers’ compensation case on your hands. Even when filing for workers’ compensation after a minor work-related injury, it is critical to note if an employee was injured as a result of an employer’s non-compliance with OSHA regulations.


It is often in your best interest to discuss your case in detail with a work injury lawyer before moving forward in order to learn more about your rights and what the best action to take would be. At the Wanko Law Firm, LLC, we will zealously advocate for you to receive maximum benefits after being hurt on the job, and we’ll ensure that any OSHA violations are reported to the appropriate authorities and handled properly. Call today for a consultation at (985) 893-6530 or (985) 532-0555.