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Will Sitting On the Job Cause a Work Injury?

Posted on : August 4, 2020

Sitting On The Job

There is a large number of people who spend the day sitting at work. Whether driving a company vehicle or working on a computer, sitting is an inevitable part of the workday for many. Sitting can actually put you at a higher risk for work-related injuries.

Here’s what you need to know about sitting on the job and what to do if you’ve been injured at work.

Sitting For Extended Periods of Time Misaligns Your Spine

If you sit incorrectly for extended periods of time, your spine can become misaligned, particularly in your lower back. Most people who sit at work do not sit correctly, either due to the lack of knowledge of how to sit properly or the lack of ergonomic seating available in the workplace. When your spine becomes misaligned due to frequent, incorrect sitting, you are at a much higher risk for injury. For example, if you lift a heavy box while your spine is misaligned, you are more likely to be injured than if your spine were properly aligned.

Sitting Stresses Out Your Muscles & Your Spine

Surprisingly, sitting puts twice as much stress on your spinal column than standing does, although it seems like it should be the other way around. If you slouch when you sit, as most people do, you are putting even more strain on your back muscles and your spinal column. Sitting for extended periods of time at work will cause your muscles to tighten, increasing the probability of being injured on the job.

How to Prevent Sitting-Related Injuries

Sitting at work is unavoidable for many people, especially for individuals who use a computer frequently for their job. It is possible to reduce the chances of sitting-related injuries by using a chair that is specifically designed to be ergonomic and provide good back support, as well as by getting up and stretching your back muscles frequently. If you have access to a standing desk, opt to use it for at least a portion of the day.

What to Do If You Are Injured Due to Sitting On the Job

Unfortunately, many employers are reluctant to believe that sitting on the job has caused an employee’s injury, even though medical evidence shows a causal relationship between constant sitting and back injuries. By working with an experienced work injury attorney, you can advocate for your right to receive the same benefits that are available to others who are injured on the job.

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