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Vocational Rehabilitation After Work Injuries

Posted on : December 28, 2021
vocational rehabilitation in Louisiana

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation?


Vocational rehabilitation may be suggested following a work-related injury. Here’s what you should know about it and how to get the legal representation you need following an on-the-job accident.

Vocational Rehab Defined 


Vocational rehabilitation, sometimes called rehab, is the process of retraining an employee after a work injury. This may involve helping the worker learn how to do their old job with new accommodations, or it may be that the injured employee needs to learn an entirely different trade. 


Vocational rehab assists injured workers in obtaining the skills and resources necessary to reenter the workforce after a job-related accident

Benefits of Vocational Rehabilitation 


Getting back to work after an injury is difficult in and of itself, even if you are able to return to the same job or even just remain in the same line of work. Transferring out of your established trade is difficult without assistance and vocational rehab offers you the support needed to move forward. 

Potential Concerns to Be Aware Of 


In some cases, employers may press injured workers to move through the process of vocational rehab before the employee is physically ready. It’s important that you consult your physician regarding your vocational rehab and follow any recommendations they have for returning to work or applying for jobs in a different line of work.

When Permanent Partial Disability Becomes Necessary 


In some cases, despite physical and vocational rehabilitation, an injured employee cannot fully recover and they are unable to do the same type of work they did before the injury. If you go through the process of vocational rehabilitation and are unsuccessful due to a work-related injury, you may be able to obtain permanent partial disability. 


These benefits help compensate you for the lower pay you receive due to having to work a different type of job, or being unable to work as many hours. 

Getting Legal Help After a Lousiana Work Injury 


Few things are more frightening than being injured at work and being unsure of when – or if – you will be able to get back to work and earn a living. Workers’ comp benefits can help you survive, but obtaining them can be challenging. 


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