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Top 7 Mistakes Employees Make After a Work Related Accident

Posted on : September 13, 2016
Louisiana Workers Compensation Lawyer

Being injured at work is a frightening experience, and what you do next has a significant impact on your ability to collect workers’ compensation benefits later on down the road. Make sure to avoid these critical mistakes that many employees make so you can have the best chance at obtaining the maximum benefits that may be available to you.

1. Verbally Telling Your Employer About the Accident

Some employees are cautious about filling out an accident report. However, if you verbally tell your boss that you were hurt at work, there is no record of it. Also, failing to report your injury can be grounds to have your workers’ compensation claim denied.

2. Waiting to Seek Medical Care

Don’t wait to get medical care after a work-related injury, even if the injury is minor. In fact, you should always go immediately to the doctor or the emergency room after an accident to be fully evaluated by a medical professional.

3. Failing to Keep Your Records

Records are going to be extremely important in the upcoming days, weeks, and months after an accident. Therefore, keep copies of your accident report, your medical records, and any other details that are pertinent in your case.

4. Immediately Accepting a Settlement

Often, an employer’s insurance company will offer a settlement right after the injury. An employee is tempted to accept the settlement because they are out of work and may need the money. However, the first settlement is usually far less than what the employee will actually need for his or her injuries now and in the future. Avoid accepting a settlement right away.

5. Not Seeking Treatment for Mental/Emotional Anguish After an Accident

Not only are accidents physically challenging, they can be emotionally and mentally devastating as well. Specifically, employees may suffer emotional anguish and post traumatic stress disorder after an accident. Under the law, these issues may also be compensable.

6. Going to the Doctor Your Employer Chooses

It is a common misconception that you have to use the doctor your employer chooses. Instead, visit your regular doctor or a specialist for evaluation and treatment.

7. Not Talking to a Lawyer Right After the Accident

Having a lawyer on your side after a work related accident is essential to protecting your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. Contact the Wanko Law Firm LLC today to learn more about your legal options by calling (985) 893-6530.