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Are Restaurant Employees At a Higher Risk of Work Injuries?

Posted on : April 20, 2022

People of all ages and backgrounds can find regular employment and build meaningful careers in the restaurant and foodservice sector. Many teenagers’ first employment experience is working in a restaurant.  However, it is widely known that restaurant and food service workers are more likely to be injured on the job or be involved in a workplace accident. Keep reading to learn more.

What Types of Injuries Do Foodservice Workers Suffer?

Per reports by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), foodservice employees suffer a greater rate of injury and accidents than workers in other industries. Chefs, assistant chefs, grill cooks, and employees who operate meat slicers, vegetable cutters, or deep fryers are at the highest risk.

Significant research undertaken by a major risk assessment organization reviewed data obtained over a four-year timeframe from restaurant employees’ compensation claims and discovered these facts:

  • 23% of all claims work injury claims among foodservice workers were punctures, scratches, cuts, lacerations, and limb amputations caused by sharp blades and slicers
  • 18% of claims were the result of a slip and fall injury caused by damp flooring or spills not adequately mitigated
  • 12% of claims were attributed to scalding or burning
  • 43% of claims could be attributed to repetitive motion injuries, heatstroke, improper work schedules without adequate breaks, and excessively stressful working conditions

Businesses may be held liable for certain kinds of work injuries. Restaurant employees may be eligible for benefits through the Louisiana workers’ compensation program, or they may be able to recover costs via a personal injury lawsuit. Foodservice workers have always had to battle for fair salaries and a safe work environment, and these challenges frequently spill over into fighting for workers’ comp benefits after an injury.

It’s not uncommon for restaurant employees to meet staunch opposition from the managers and owner(s) of the establishment where they were injured. This is why having strong legal advocacy as soon as possible following a work injury is so important.

Were You Injured At Your Restaurant Job? Contact a Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Today

Being injured on the job is a frightening experience, especially if it’s at a restaurant who may try to dodge accountability or refuse you the workers’ compensation benefits you rightly deserve. Contact the experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation attorneys at The Wanko Law Firm, LLC by calling (985) 893-6530.