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5 Things to Be Prepared for During Your Workers’ Comp Deposition

Posted on : April 13, 2017

A workers’ comp deposition can seem frightening and overwhelming. It’s something you have to do to file a workers’ compensation claim. It’s best to simply prepare for it as much as you can. Here are 5 things you’ll be discussing during your workers’ comp deposition.

1. The Accident

Be prepared to discuss the accident in as much detail as you remember. You do not have to guess at what happened if you were unconscious or overwhelmed with adrenaline and have difficulty recalling the event. You only need to answer questions about the accident to the best of your recollection. However, be prepared to discuss everything about the accident from beginning to end.

2. Any Prior Injuries You May Have

The insurance company will want to know if you have any prior injuries, where on your body those injuries are, and how those injuries occurred.

3. Your Background

Basic background information is usually asked first, so you’ll need to identify yourself with your name, phone number, address, etc. You may be asked about your position with the company and what your typical job duties were. You’ll also be asked whether you filed workers’ comp claims in the past or have a criminal record.

4. Your Treatment

The insurance company will need to know about all the treatment you have received, beginning from emergency treatment up until the date of the deposition. You also may be asked what future treatment you will be expecting that is related to the injury.

5. How You’re Limited Now

You will likely be asked what limitations you currently have. For example, you may be asked if you are able to work and if not, what it is that keeps you from working. If you can work, you may be asked if your injuries prevent you from working at a significantly reduced capacity or if you have certain limitations while you are at work related to your injury.

How Your Attorney Can Help

Your attorney can help you prepare for your deposition by asking many of the same questions that the insurance company’s attorneys will ask. You can get an idea of what will be asked and what your responses should be, so you can face your deposition with confidence. Contact the Wanko Law Firm, LLC today to learn more about workers’ compensation and how to get benefits after you’ve been injured while at work. Call now at (985) 893-6530.